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  1. Janette Connard says:

    Please note that Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron is a different entity entirely from Beaumaris Yacht Club.
    I am a member of Beaumaris Yacht Club, a small, off the beach dinghy sailing club. Our club is open to all and we have no link at all with the Motor Yacht Squadron. I totally oppose the development of a marina by the Motor Yacht Squadron.
    More than once, the mass media have INCORRECTLY reported that Beaumaris Yacht Club have proposed the development.

    1. Beaumaris says:

      Thank you for your worthy clarification – the Beaumaris Yacht Club (BYC) is entirely separate to the Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron (BMYS) that seeks to build a huge marina in Beaumaris Bay. We have included this clarification on our FAQ page and will continue to correct anybody that is confused between the two clubs. Please also share our petition with your fellow yacht club members that are opposed to the marina.

  2. Anthony Montanaro says:

    What is Progress?
    PROGRESS should be measured in terms of decisions that protect the long term interests of our broad community as opposed to the voice of a minority interest group of 700 members. We are lucky to have something very precious & unique with the cliffs of Beaumaris Bay in suburbia. Cast your minds forward 25 years – What might make us proudest? 1.The coastal view from Mentone of an expanded Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron highly visible against the backdrop of the Beaumaris cliffs (or) 2. Our ability to maintain the natural integrity of a landscape “against the tide” during an era of over-development and over-consumerism.

  3. Andrew says:

    I agree with the Fossil education museum. However I would also link the new lease with a new ferry service from docklands to Beaumaris.

    1. Beaumaris says:

      Thank you Andrew, good idea. A “Fossil Tour” ferry could bring tourists from the city/Docklands to our planned Beaumaris Fossil Center and also provide an alternate means for Beaumaris locals to get to the city.

  4. Wendell Ricketts says:

    Saving fossil sites is a sign of a civilized world.

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