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Updates on 17 Feb , 2015

A Letter From Professor John Long on the planned Beaumaris Marina:

THE Society of Vertebrate Palaeontology, representing over 2000 palaeontologists, congratulates the efforts of the Bayside community with raising awareness of the significance of the Beaumaris Bay fossil site with their February 22 event.

Professor Tim Flannery, Dr Erich Fitzgerald of Museum Victoria and Professor John Buckeridge are eminent speakers and highly knowledgeable in the fossils found and concentrated in the Beaumaris region.

It concerns us that the Beaumaris Motor Yacht squadron plan to develop over an internationally significant fossil site.
The Beaumaris Bay fossil site is home to Australia’s single richest marine animal fossil site from the last 5-10 million years of Earth’s history. Fossils of an extraordinary array of marine life occur in a concentration unmatched in Australia: ancient marine mammals, sharks, birds, fishes, beautiful fossil crabs, shells, corals, and sea urchins.

An added distinction of Beaumaris is that it is one of the only sites known in Australia where we find evidence of our ancient land mammals in rocks formed in the shallows of an ancient bay.
This co-occurrence of land and marine animals is world famous, enabling precise dating of the evolution of Australia’s unique marsupial fauna.

Had Victoria had its act together back in the mid-1990s this site could have easily been linked to Naracoorte (SA) and Riversleigh (Queensland) as the third viable component of what is now Australia’s only successful World Heritage Fossil Site nomination.

President, The Society of Vertebrate Paleontology
Vice President, The Royal Society of South Australia

Strategic Professor in Palaeontology, School of Biological Sciences

An ancient shark tooth found in Beaumaris Bay, a famous fossil location.

An ancient shark tooth found in Beaumaris Bay, a famous fossil location.

Letter Originally Published: Bayside Leader 17th February 2015

Petition Against The Beaumaris Marina

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