No Marina for Beaumaris

Updates on 12 Feb , 2015

The picturesque and precious Beaumaris Bay is now threatened by a huge 100+ boat marina planned by the Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron (BMYS).

The proposed 116 boat marina will extend out 160 metres, with 550 metres of seawall dumped on our fossil-rich seabed, including a 3-storey high building 88 metres long for the storage of 78 boats along the cliff, permanently blocking an important fossil research site.

If Built This Marina Will:

  • Change forever the natural landscape of Beaumaris Bay, with 550 meters of sea wall dumped on fragile seabeds.
  • Block public access to a large part of beach, with Crown Land locked up and only accessible to BMYS members.
  • Place at risk our world famous multi-million year old fossil site of both land mammals and sea life, where important discoveries are still being made.
  • Cause irreparable damage and pollution to the marine environment, adjacent to the formally protected Beaumaris Marine Sanctuary.

Register Your Opposition To This Plan By:

  • Signing The Petition 
  • Telling everyone you know about this over-development
  • Contacting your council and local member of parliament

For more information, please read our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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