Push For Beaumaris Bay Fossil Site To Be Protected

Updates on 25 Mar , 2015

New Herald Sun article available here.

EXPERTS are pushing to have Beaumaris Bay’s fossil site protected from foreshore development­.

Flinders University professor John Long believed Beaumaris Bay could be the third addition to Australia’s World Heritage Fossil Site, with the Sandringham Foreshore Association planning to soon lodge an application for National Heritage.

Fossils of prehistoric natives have been found at Beaumaris Bay — the country’s only urban fossil site — for more than 100 years. Many are in museums.

But the bay is at risk of being destroyed by proposed foreshore developments and scientists, professors, palaeontologists and the wider community are fighting to protect it.

Thousands of fossil collectors and marine enthusiasts gathered for the Beaumaris Bay Fossil Site International Significance event, held last month in response to the nearby Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron plans to expand and build a 120-berth marina.

Museum Victoria’s Erich Fitzgerald said the understanding of “the history and biology of our marine life would be severely diminished” without the Beaumaris discoveries.

He said Beaumaris was the only area in Melbourne where anyone could find a fossil, take it to a palaeontologist and see they had a piece of history.

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