The Planned 116 Boat Marina Has Potential To Pollute Our Fragile Marine Sanctuary.

Updates on 12 Feb , 2015

Beaumaris is home to one of the few pristine Marine Sanctuaries in Australia, where it’s illegal to fish or even take sea shells (“All activities in Marine National Parks and Marine Sanctuaries must be conducted as “no-take” activities for all animals, plants, shells, sand, seaweed, and other artefacts”).

Port Phillip Recreation Boating Guide advises that discharge of sewage and other waste from boats is prohibited. Regulations are in place and there are local club General Orders, but generally the only boats that have proper black water holding tanks are vessels that travel through Queensland waters where marine regulations are diligently enforced. The proposed Beaumaris marina will have sewerage pump out facilities, but given boats in Port Phillip are not required to have black water tanks then most marine toilets on boats in Port Phillip Bay discharge waste directly overboard. That’s over 100 toilets training putrid waste right next to a pristine marine sanctuary.

To add to the cocktail, antifouling paint as applied to boats exteriors is usually copper based or the more expensive stuff has self polishing copolymer in it’s make up as an alternative. All underwater paint is self polishing, that means micro amounts flake off thus taking marine growth and slime on hulls with it (this behaviour is similar to the way a bar of soap gradually wears away.). Others leach on contact with water. The fact is whatever type of paint is used under marine craft, it is accepted that the active materials in these paints are a detriment to marine life.

If raw sewage and toxic paint wasn’t bad enough, you’ve also got all the motors of the planned 116 water craft contaminating the water further. Raw water marine engine cooling systems work by drawing in water that the vessel is floating in and circulating it through the engine and out the exhaust back into the sea. The water circulating through an engine and expelled via exhaust picks up particles from inside the engine, such as oil, diesel, rust, metal micro fragments, etc, pumping it into the marine environment.

So if this Development went ahead the potential risk exists where major pollutants can flow into the Marine Sanctuary from increased boat usage next door. There needs to be an exclusion zone around the Sanctuary to prevent water currents carrying polluted water into it.

Beaumaris Underwater

Australian swellshark off Beaumaris – credit Mark Norman / Museum Victoria


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